Intricate layers of analog and electronic instrumentation define Beau Borek’s debut ten-track EP, Different Generations. Entirely self-recorded in his Portland, Oregon apartment, Borek’s decisive and ornate musical strokes create an earnest, photographic portrayal of interpersonal relationships and reflect his almost obsessive attention to detail.

The content of Borek’s latest album—a critical reflection of the nuances of intimate friendships—is echoed in his musical styling. Crisp guitar and drums are balanced by warming synth and tender vocals that stand at the forefront of his multilayered tracks—ever close to the listener. Borek’s confident and explorative baroque sensibility is weighted against his lyrical emotionality and sensitivity.

Borek recently moved to Durham, North Carolina and has performed in venues throughout Portland, Oregon and Santa Fe, New Mexico since 2014. This is his first solo venture.